Cole Coffee Retail Location and Café

Cole Coffee Locations
Cole Coffee excels in a simple cup of coffee done right. Cole Coffee, formerly Royal Coffee Café and Retail Store was acquired by the café and store manager of the last 15 years. Although the name has changed, we still continue to offer the same fresh roasted beans and expert service that has made our coffee a daily staple for many in our community. Years of experience and devotion to the coffee business gave the new owner Michael Murphy the expertise to continue the Royal Coffee legacy.

Our beans are roasted fresh every 24 hours so we can offer our customers the utmost quality. Our premium coffee is the highest grade gourmet and always pure Arabica. We sell Fair Trade, Organic and Shade grown coffees. Check the out the Coffee of the Month at our store location and website for price specials

We offer a variety of coffee and espresso drinks and pioneered the Melitta filter drip coffee bar. Customers can order up to 25 different types of coffee for a custom drip cup made to order any way you like. Drip cups are meant to be consumed immediately to ensure you are experiencing the freshest cup of coffee.

Our Café location offers locally made baked goods, fresh sandwiches and poached eggs. You can also get a custom Melitta drip cup here any way you like it. Check our menu for details.

Our store location offers the biggest selection of fresh whole beans in the East Bay. You can purchase ten different types fresh beans by the pound. We offer five different blends and six different types of decaf. We also sell blended and herbal teas by the ounce, coffee drinks, baked goods, drink ware and t-shirts.

Our cafe has an eclectic, fast-paced atmosphere. Come by and relax on the sofa at our café or sit outdoors and partake in stimulating conversation with our loyal clientele.

Whether you live in Oakland, or the surrounding communities, you will find yourself yearning for another cup of Cole after just one visit. We have many customers that may have moved to other cities, states, or countries, but are so committed they continue to mail order fresh beans from us so they can get a taste of Oakland no matter where they reside.